Dennis Martire Has Always Made His Union Better For Workers and Employers

Dennis Martire

In addition to his work for the Laborers’ International Union of North America (LiUNA), which started in 1990, marking this as his 30th anniversary with the union, Dennis Martire also has at times worked tirelessly with officials at Montgomery County, Maryland to help them pass a prevailing wage law to ensure that working families could count on fair wages from their employers. Such wage laws also serve another purpose, in that they tend to make sure taxpayers receive a greater return on their public investments.

Overwhelmingly, while studies show that prevailing wage laws do not drive up costs for employers, they do improve worker efficiency, which means public works projects are completed faster and more easily. To simplify, by spending a little up front, taxpayers save money in the long run. Dennis Martire’s career with LiUNA has culminated with his current position as a Vice President and Mid-Atlantic Regional Manager for the century-old labor union, as he has done since January 2002. That’s a far cry from when his career actually started way back in April of 1990, when he became an International Representative for the LIUNA Jurisdictional Disputes Department.

Uplifting the Value of Union Workers: Dennis Martire’s Initiatives